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Who We Are

Idea Campus is a pioneer technology incubator for startups and corporations. We offer services and resources to help startups build better products, attract funding and grow successful business. We provide a set of services to help multinational corporations globalize and to reach across a variety of regions in the United States and China.

A strong emphasis is also put on training and cultivating young professionals. Our training program covers all aspects of starting a career, including skill training and mindset. It prepares the young professionals, especially new grads, for fast-pace work environment and agile practices.

We believe our effort in assembling innovative teams and educating young professionals would nurture technology products with commercial potential and great value. We hope to make a successful model for technology innovation in China and help China transform manufacturing industry to creative industry.

What We Do

Startup incubation——We provide open office and work space for early-stage startups. We offer services in design, development, marketing, human resources, and technology. We have a panel of technology experts and leading thought leaders who take turns to hold panel discussions and lectures on various subjects, from product development to marketing research methodology, to benefit the startups and help them grow.

Corporation incubation——We provide work space and research space for corporate to globalize their business. We offer mentorship in local marketing research, business plan refining and brand awareness development to integrate the reputation and products the corporate already built and move to new markets.

Training Program——We are a platform that connects talents and high technology companies. The talent training program offer opportunities for young professionals to gain first-hand experience in practicing their knowledge. Companies can benefit from our talent pool and recruit outstanding young professionals to join the team and integrate their expertise into development efforts.