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Data Infrastructure Engineer

Work Place: Newark, CA Job Sector: Technology Type: Full-time Number: 1

At Tasktoday we are building a shared task list for teams in an effort to re-imagine the way people work together. As knowledge workers, we and our loved ones spend most of our time living in programs (email, calendar, document editors, etc.) that help us move and manage data, and get things done. This is an opportunity to improve that part of our lives.

The Metrics Infrastructure Engineer is a critical role for Tasktoday’s growth. As a key member of the engineering team, you will work closely with the product teams to build out and refine the infrastructure we use to gain insights from our data and evaluate our success. As our user base rapidly grows, you will architect and develop improvements to our data infrastructure, and design and implement data analysis tools that increase the scalability, accuracy and accessibility of our data to support ongoing product decisions.

With this data infrastructure, you will be in the unique position to help shape the company roadmap by identifying opportunities in our data and enabling us to rapidly test our assumptions.


  • Strong background in computer science, math or other technical field
  • Fluent in SQL and at least one modern scripting language
  • Capable of supporting live production infrastructure, can put out fires under pressure when things go wrong
  • Distributed computing experience
  • Passion for deriving insights from data and transforming it into actionable facts
  • Desirable
  • Extensive experience with data infrastructure and reporting tools
  • Strong analytical skills including the ability to identify problems and draw conclusions that are supported by a principled analysis of data
  • Capable of explaining results in a clear and effective manner
  • Knowledge of modern web technologies

We are always looking for talented, bilingual (Mandarin and English) business professionals who are smart, energetic and passionate to join our team of professionals dedicated to enabling Chinese companies to enter the U.S. market and succeed.

We offer full- and part-time employment and internship opportunities in sales, customer service, bookkeeping, event management and office administration.

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