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Content Marketing Producer

Work Place: Newark, CA Job Sector: Content Editing Type: Full-time Number: 2

We are building a world-class team to address a very large opportunity - to improve the potential output of every team's effort.

The Content Marketing Producer role at Tasktoday identifies, writes and helps produce compelling text and video content that introduces, educates and engages users with Tasktoday and our mission. The range of topics include everything from educational how-to's, and product best practices, to team leadership, and our vision for the future of work. The audiences include Tasktoday users and non-users. You'll work closely with the product, marketing, and support teams to identify content opportunities, then efficiently turn those ideas into blog posts, contributed articles, or video scripts as you see fit. We're looking for someone who is both a great writer and excels in front of the camera when video is the right medium. We'll provide a video production specialist, and all the web development and design needed to make your work shine.


  • Deep experience writing short-form and long-form content, including blog posts, thought-leadership pieces and educational articles.
  • Enjoy getting leverage in writing through editing the writing of other team members
  • Able to adopt and defend a specific voice in the content you create.
  • Up to date with the evolving best practices for content marketing using blogs and social media.
  • Power user of Tasktoday - discovering a new feature gets you excited.
  • Unfazed by deadlines. You can set a schedule and keep it.
  • Genuine empathy for users. You derive joy from helping them succeed.
  • You have a charismatic personality and enjoy expressing it in your writing.
  • You enjoy working quickly. You can fire out 300 words over lunch.
  • You naturally resonate with Tasktoday values and would represent those values in the content you produce.
  • Desirable
  • Have your own blog and understand the demands of regularly creating fresh content.
  • Experience interacting directly with software users - either in marketing, sales, or support. You get their perspective.
  • Personal interest in productivity and organizational efficiency.
  • Potential Profiles
  • Marketing standout with a knack for writing, storytelling, and having a voice.
  • User Community or Support superstar, who pines for the chance to be proactive in educating users.
  • Designer, web developer, or entrepreneur who's excited by trying something unique.
  • Vocal Tasktoday user who loves the product, and gets giddy when you think of its potential.

We are always looking for talented, bilingual (Mandarin and English) business professionals who are smart, energetic and passionate to join our team of professionals dedicated to enabling Chinese companies to enter the U.S. market and succeed.

We offer full- and part-time employment and internship opportunities in sales, customer service, bookkeeping, event management and office administration.

Please forward your resume and a cover letter to

We'll contact you if we think there is a good fit. No phone calls please.